Natural products to get rid of silverfish?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

No one wants to use harmful products with chemicals in their home to get rid of insects like silverfish or moths. Which is why I decided to create Zina's Silverfish Slayer to repel and kill silverfish using only natural ingredients.

For years, talking to so many customers in my boutique, about silverfish, eating away at their favourite and most expensive pieces of clothing - I designed a bullet proof product to combat the sneaky insects.

Zina's Silverfish Slayer kit includes

  1. Herb Pouch: A small pouch made up of 10 natural ingredients that repel silverfish, moths and other insects. The lavender, rosemary, cinnamon and other ingredients are put together to complement each other and give a lovely aromatic smell.

  2. Slayer Bait Pad: A thick cardboard to be placed on the floor inside your wardrobe or near the closest water source in your home like the bathroom or laundry. The cardboard is impregnated with 20% boric acid (boric acid naturally occurs in the environment and can be found in soil, water and plants) and 80% inert ingredients. The Slayer Bait Pad is an important part of the kit as the herb pouch will repel silverfish, but the bait pad will kill them. The inert ingredients are designed to attract the silverfish and the silverfish will eat the bait pad.

Zina's Silverfish Slayer is an all-natural product with no pesticides. I try to avoid harsh chemicals and spraying pesticides in my house. Therefore, this product is ideal as it has no toxic pesticides or smelly odours of camphor and naphthalene flakes.

Proudly handmade in Australia

Zina's Silverfish Slayer will keep silverfish and other pesky insects away from your infested areas for up to 6 months but to ensure the bugs stay away, I recommend replacing your Zina Silverfish Slayer every 4 to 6 months.

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