How to get rid of silverfish?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Have you found tiny holes in your clothing? Or opened up a book with a few pages that have been nibbled on? I’m sorry to say but you my friend have silverfish in your home!

These nocturnal insects have made themselves a cosy home in any dark spaces they can find in your house and they’re having a nice feed on your precious belongings. Plus, silverfish are rapid breeders so if you’ve got one, you can bet you’ve got a lot more.

I guess you’re thinking why are they in my home?

· Silverfish prefer dark, moist places and can live off just water for a long period of time

· The way you feel about coffee at 9am is the way they feel about the taste of your clothing and paper

· Your most likely to find them living in wardrobes, bathrooms,the laundry and under sinks or attics

How to get rid of silverfish?

1. Do a throw out

Get rid of all your old mags and newspapers. Go through your pantry and transfer all your dry food from cardboard boxes to containers and throw away any old/empty boxes that you don’t need in your house.

2. Give the house a good vacuum

Hoover up the silverfish eggs that you probably can’t see, food crumbs and any small rubbish on the floor that could attract more silverfish.

3. Set traps

Use Zina's Silverfish Slayer trap, which includes a herb pouch made up of natural ingredients to repel silverfish, moths and other insects (don’t worry about a yucky smell, the herbs give off a lovely aromatic scent). Then place the Slayer Bait Pad on the floor in your wardrobe or near the closest water source e.g. bathroom or laundry.

Finally wash your hands and let Zina's Silverfish Slayer sit for the next 4 - 6 months to do it's job. Replace it to keep the silverfish away while they breed. Protect your clothing and your books to keep them in pristine condition.

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