Frequently asked questions

Where do you ship to?

We are an Australian company with local made products in Perth, WA. We only ship to Australia.

What are your payment methods

We have two different payment methods available on the site! Our payment options are: - Credit Card - PayPal

How much does shipping cost?

W.A delivery within 7 days. Within Australia 7 to 14 days. Standard Australian shipping - Deliveries usually leave from Perth within 24 hours of purchase. Within Australia may leave up to 48 hours. (excluding weekends) Shipping for orders under $29.90 Price $4.50 Shipping for orders $29.95 - $89.90 Price $9.50 Shipping for orders $89.95 - $179.90 Price $12.50 Shipping for orders over $179.95 Price $16.50



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