3 Ways To Get Rid Of Clothes Moths

Moth season starts in Spring... This is when most clothes moths start to emerge. This is the time you will start to discover that they've made their way into your wardrobe looking for somewhere to mate and lay eggs.

Adult moths don't eat clothes, their larvae do... When the eggs hatch within a few weeks of being laid, they burrow into your clothes so you don't see them.

These straw-coloured insects avoid light and prefer dark undisturbed areas like closets, draws and cupboards. Cosily nestled into your jumpers, scarfs and blankets craving their midnight treats, but still thinking about all the other goodies like cotton, linen and silk.

Don't forget... Clothes moths love stored woollens. So when you pack away your jumpers scarfs and blankets they need to be protected. That’s why we’ve come up with 3 effective ways to shut down your unwanted moth infestation before it gets out of control.

1. Do a closet cleanout

If you’ve found moths in your closet, we recommend going through all of your clothes especially your tucked away items in boxes or drawers. Place all your salvageable clothing in the wash (unless it needs to be dry cleaned, then take it to a drycleaner). Then vacuum up any remaining moths or eggs that may be left inside your closet.

2. Freeze your moth-eaten items

Have you got a bag of clothing items that have been attacked by moths but you believe you can salvage them? Well dust off any remaining moths into a bin outside, place the items into a new bag and place the bag into the freezer for 24 hours. Any remaining larvae that is still alive will die in the chilly conditions of the freezer. After a day goes by, remove the bag from the freezer and mend any holes once the clothes are completely dry.

3. Prevent moths from returning

After the clean out and your sad good-byes to your ruined clothing items, make sure the moths don’t return with Zina's Silverfish Slayer Kit. The kit has a herb pouch, which will act as a moth-repellent using cedar and dried herbs. These 10 ingredients are the natural solution to avoid a moth infestation recurring in your wardrobe or house. The kit also has a bait pad to get rid of silverfish and other insects that may be lurking around.

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