my story



Thanks for visiting my store! 


I have always had a love and passion for clothing.  


I owned a boutique for many years and customers were always complaining about holes in their clothing from silverfish and moths.


I was asked constantly "what can I do to get rid of them", "I have found holes in many of my garments" and it always seems to be a favourite or most expensive piece.


The upset it causes is devastating and that is why I have come up with this product.  


The product has two parts;


  • Herb Pouch - The herb pouch has ten natural ingredients that repel silverfish, moths and other insects.  The herbs are put together to complement each other and give a lovely aromatic scent.


  • Slayer Bait Pad - The slayer bait pads toxicity is very mild but it is an important part of this product as it will kill silverfish.


I try to avoid harsh chemicals and spraying pesticides in my house so this product is ideal as it has neither the toxic pesticides or the smelly odour of camphor or naphthalene flakes.