Zina's Silverfish Slayer - Double Pack

This is an all natural, Australian made silverfish killer that is safe to use anywhere in the house.

Pack contains two Herb pouches and four Slayer Bait Pads.

Zina's Silverfish Slayer - Double Pack


    The Double Pack contains two Herb Pouch and four Slayer Bait Pads.


    Herb Pouch - The herb pouch contains ten natural ingredients to repel Silverfish, Clothes Moths and other insects. 


    Slayer Bait Pad – The slayer bait pad is made from impregnated cardboard. The cardboard is impregnated with Boric Acid (20%) and other inert ingredients (80%). Boric acid has a similar toxicity to table salt.


    This is an important part of the kit as the pouch will repel silverfish the bait pad will kill them. The inert ingredients are designed to attract the silverfish and make them eat the bait pad. 


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